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Fecha: 06 April, 2020
Sudamericano Juvenil World Sailing Uruguay 2020
 Campeonato Sudamericano de Snipe
Campeonato Sudamericano de 29er y 420.

420 – 29er – Laser R – Bic Techno Plus OD- Snipe


420 - 29er

April 6th to 11th, Montevideo, Uruguay

The 1ST edition of the Youth Sailing South American Championships will be held in Montevideo, Uruguay from April 6th to April 11th, 2020. The Organizing Authority (OA) is Confederación Sudamericana de Vela in conjunction with World Sailing and the Yacht Club Uruguayo MNA.

1. Rules
1.1- The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).
1.2- RRS Appendix P, Special Procedures for Rule 42, will apply.
1.3- Class rules regarding membership will not apply except for Snipe class
1.4- National Authority Prescriptions will not apply.
1.5- Decisions of the International Jury will be final as provided in RRS 70.5.
1.6- A boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats, except in an emergency or when using equipment provided by the race committee. This restriction also applies to mobile telephones.
1.7- For the Boy's Skiff, Girl’s Skiff, RRS 44.1 and RRS P2.1 are changed so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn Penalty.
1.8- In RRS 44.2 insert after the first sentence: However, if Mark 1a is set, a boat may delay taking a penalty for an incident in the zone around Mark 1 or on the leg between Mark 1 and Mark 1a, until she has passed Mark 1a.
1.9- In all rules governing this regatta:
1.9.1- Both ‘athlete’ and ‘competitor’ mean a person competing or intending to compete in the event.
1.9.2- The term ‘support team’ means coaches, team leaders and other support personnel.
1.9.3- [SP] denotes a rule for which a standard penalty may be applied by the race committee without a hearing or a discretionary penalty applied by the International Jury with a hearing.
1.9.4- [NP] denotes a rule that shall not be grounds for protests by a boat. This changes RRS 60.1(a).
1.10- If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.

2. Venue
2.1- The regatta will be at the Yacht Club Uruguayo, Rambla Euclides Peluffo s/n Puerto de Buceo – Montevideo, Uruguay.
2.2- The location of the racing areas will be published on the World Sailing website.

3. Eligibility and Entry
3.1- Only competitors, team leaders and coaches registered by a MNA in good standing with World Sailing are eligible to enter the Youth Sailing South American Championships.
3.2- Competitors shall submit the entry form that can be found on the event website www.ycu.org.uy and pay the required fees considering the deadlines detailed below (4.1).
3.3 -To remain eligible competitors must complete the online registration by March 31st 2020.

3.4 -World Sailing Eligibility Code shall apply. Each athlete shall be registered as a World Sailing sailor on the World Sailing website.

3.5 - Competitors Youth U19 shall be under the age of 19 years on 31st December 2020.

3.6- Unless otherwise approved by the IOC or the World Sailing Executive in accordance with regulation 19.12, each competitor shall be a national of the country of the Member National Authority (MNA) which enters the boat. Each competitor shall present proof of their nationality or the approved waiver when requested.
3.7- Gender requirements will apply as per the table in 3.8.
3.8- Event Equipment
• Open Two Person Dinghy Snipe: U19
• Girl’s & Boys Two Person Skiff 29er: Open & U19
• Girl’s & Boy’s Two Person Dinghy 420: Open & U19
• Girl’s & Boy’s One Person Dinghy Laser Radial: U19
• Girl’s & Boy’s Bic Techno Plus OD: U 19

3.9- An entry can only be confirmed once full payment has been received.
3.10- The Medical Treatment Permission and Medical History forms must be submitted for each competitor no later than team registration. This form does not give dispensation for taking prescribed medication. For medication declarations, please follow procedures as given in the World Sailing Anti-Doping Code (World Sailing regulation 21).

4. Fees
4.1- Fees are stated in USD and include any local taxes. World Sailing the entry fee for the event on behalf of the Yacht Club Uruguayo.

Before 10/02/2020 11/02/2020- 29/02/2020 01/03/2020- 31/03/2020

Snipe $ 200 $ 230 $ 260
29er & 420 $ 200 $ 230 $ 260
Laser Radial $ 110 $ 130 $ 160
Bic Tecno $ 110 $ 130 $ 160

5. Risk Statement
Competitors and support team participate in the championships entirely at their own risk and they are reminded of the provisions of RRS 4, Decision to Race. Sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore involves an element of risk. By taking part in the event, each competitor agrees and acknowledges that:
5.1- They are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and accept responsibility for the exposure of themselves, their crew and their boat to such inherent risk whilst taking part in the event;
5.2 -They are responsible for the safety of themselves, their crew, their boat and their other property whether afloat or ashore;
5.3 -They accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by their own actions or omissions;
5.4 -By participating in any race, they are satisfied that their boat is in good order, equipped to sail in the event and they are fit to participate;
5.5 -The provision of a race management team, patrol boats, umpires and other officials and volunteers by the organizer does not relieve them of their own responsibilities;
5.6 - The provision of patrol boat cover is limited to such assistance, particularly in extreme weather conditions, as can be practically provided in the circumstances.
5.7 -They will familiarize themselves with any venue/event specific risks, adhere to rules and information produced for the venue/event and attend any venue/event safety briefings.

6. Media Rights
6.1- By participating in the Championships, competitors and support team automatically grant to the organizing authority, World Sailing and their sponsors, the right in perpetuity to make, use and show, from time to time at their discretion, any motion pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproductions of the athlete during the period of the competition without compensation.

7. Code of Conduct
7.1 Competitors and support persons shall comply with any reasonable request from a regatta official or equipment supplier representative.
7.2- [SP] Boats not racing shall avoid the area where boats are racing and any official boats.
7.3- [SP] Boats that are on a Course Area to which they are not assigned shall remain clear of the area where boats are racing and of any official boat.
7.4- World Sailing may reduce or remove a prize in the case of misconduct or refusal to comply with any reasonable request, including attendance at official functions.

8. Identification and Advertising
8.1 When provided by the organizing authority, boats or competitors shall carry, display or wear the following as instructed: 8.1.1 Bibs for all competitors

9. Safety Regulations
9.1- The Race Committee will protest a boat for a breach of these safety regulations.
9.2 -Competitors shall always wear personal flotation devices while afloat, except briefly while changing or adjusting clothing or personal equipment. The organizing authority reserves the right to reject any buoyancy jacket which it considers unsuitable. When no specifications are given in the class rules, personal buoyancy complying with minimum standard ISO 12402-5 (CE 50 Newtons), or USCG Type III, or AUS PFD 1, or EN 393, will be accepted.
9.3 -Boats not leaving the shore for a scheduled race shall promptly notify the race office.
9.4- Check-Out and Check-in Ashore 9.4.1 Both helm and crew shall individually check-out before racing.
9.5- A boat that retires from racing shall notify the race committee before leaving the racing area, or if that is not possible, shall notify the Race Office as soon as possible after returning ashore but no later than the protest time limit, by completing a retirement declaration form. 9.6 When Flags AP over H or N over H are displayed from a RC vessel, all boats shall immediately return ashore and will wait there for further information. (This change race signals AP over H and N over H.)

10. Communications with Competitors
10.1- Notices to competitors will be posted on the Official Notice Board located entrance of the Yacht Club Uruguayo Building and on the event website
10.2- Signals ashore will be displayed on the flagpoles located near the ramp.
10.3- Changes to the Sailing Instructions: 10.3.1 Changes to the Sailing Instructions will be posted no later than two hours before the scheduled time of the first race affected by the change. 10.4 When a visual signal is displayed over an area or event flag, the signal applies only to that area or event. This changes the race signals preamble. 10.5 Event flags will be class insignia on the following background:
Event Class Insignia Background Colour
Snipe White
Bic Techno Plus OD White
One Person Dinghy Laser White
Skiff 29er White
Two Person Dinghy 420 White
10.4- When flag AP is displayed ashore, ‘1 minute’ is replaced with ’60 minute’ in the race signal AP. This changes Race Signals. 10.7 [SP] A boat shall not leave their designated place in the dinghy park or beach until Flag D is displayed ashore. The warning signal will be made not less than 60 minutes after flag D is displayed or not before the scheduled time, whichever is later.

11. Equipment Inspections
11.1- A boat or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with the rules. 11.3 All competitors in the Mixed Multihull event shall wear a helmet that shall be to the minimum standard EN1385 or EN 1077 or equivalent.

12. Format
12.1- The class regatta will consist of a single series.

13. Schedule
13.1- The Championship schedule will be as follows:
Date Time Activity
April 6th 10:00 to 18:00 hs Registration & measurement check
April 7th 10:00 to 18:00 hs Registration & measurement check
14:00 hs Practice Race
18:00 hs Opening Ceremony
April 8th- 11th 11:00 hs Races
April 11th 18:00 hs Closing Ceremony & Price Giving

13.2- The number of races will be as follows:
One Person Dinghy and Two Person Dinghy 9 Races
Windsurf and Skiff 13 Races
13.3- The provisional race schedule, including the time of the first warning signals, and assignments of Events to course areas will be posted as GSI no later than one week before the first race.
13.4- An update to GSI will be posted daily no later than 20:00 on the previous evening of any race affected.
13.5- Any reassignment of Events to course areas will be posted: 13.5.1 before 09:00 on the day it will take effect; or 13.5.2 when flag AP is displayed ashore, 30 min before flag AP for that Event or fleet is removed; or 13.5.3 when flag AP is displayed afloat, the course area may be changed. A race committee boat will display flag L over the Event(s) flag and move to the new course area.
13.6- Races not sailed on the scheduled day may be sailed on the following date at the discretion of the race committee.
13.7- On April 11th , no warning signal will be made after 15:00h.

14. The Courses
14.1- The courses will be Inner- Outer Trapezoid, Windward/Leeward . The diagrams in SI show the courses, the course designations, the approximate angles between legs, the order in which marks are to be passed, and the side on which each mark is to be left.
14.2- To change the next leg of the course, the race committee will (a) lay a new mark, (b) move the finishing line, or (c) move the leeward gate. When a new mark is laid, the original mark will be removed as soon as possible. When in a subsequent change a new mark is replaced, it will be replaced by an original mark.
14.3- Courses will not be shortened. This changes RRS 32. 15 The Start 15.1 The starting line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the race committee vessel at the starboard end and either (a) the course side of the port-end inflatable starting mark, or (b) a staff displaying an orange flag on the race committee vessel at the port end.
15. The Start
15.1- The starting line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the race committee vessel at the starboard end and either (a) the course side of the port-end inflatable starting mark, or (b) a staff displaying an orange flag on the race committee vessel at the port end.
15.2- When a starting sequence is in progress, boats whose warning signal has not been made shall avoid the starting area. The starting area is defined as a rectangle 75 meters from the starting line and marks in all directions.
15.3- Rule 26 and Preparatory Signals in Race Signals are deleted. Races will be started using the following signals. Times shall be taken from the display of visual signals. This changes RRS 26 and Race Signals.

10 Orange Flag One sound Stating procedure will start soon
6 Event flag, penalty, O flag if aplicable No sound Events to start, rules to apply
5 With flag with number 5 One Sound Warning Signal
4 Blue Flag with number 4 Wite flag with number 5 One sound Preparatory Signal
3 Pink Flag with number 3 Blue Flag with number 4 One Sound Tree Minutes
2 Red Flag with number 2 Pink Flag with number 3 One Sound Two Minutes
1 Red Flag with number 2 Red Flag with number 2 One Sound
One Minute
0 Green Flag Red Flag with number 2 One Sound Start
+ 1 Event flag, penalty, O flag if aplicable No sound

15.4- To alert boats that a race or sequence of races will begin soon, the orange starting line flag will be displayed with one sound at least five minutes before a warning signal is made.
15.5 -The warning signal for each succeeding race will be made as soon as practicable.

16. The Finish
16.1 The finishing line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the race committee vessel and either (a) the course side of the nearby inflatable finishing mark, or (b) a staff displaying an orange flag on the nearby race committee vessel.

17. Time Limits and Target times
17.1- Time limits and target times are as follows:
CLASS Time limit Mark 1 Time limit Finish window Target time
Snipe – 420, laser 75 25 15 45
50 20 10 30
45 20 10 25

17.2- If no boat rounds Mark 1 within the Mark 1-time limit, the race committee shall abandon the race.
17.3- Any boat that does not finish within the Finish Window (time after the first boat finishes) shall be scored DNF without a hearing. This changes RRS 63.1 and A5.

18. Scoring
18.1- The Low Point System of RRS Appendix A will apply. RRS B8 is deleted.
18.2- When fewer than three races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores. When three or more have been completed, a boat’s score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score.
18.3- A boat starting later than 4 minutes after her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start (DNS). This changes RRS A4 and A5.
18.4- One race is required to be completed to constitute a regatta.
18.5- To request correction of an alleged error in posted race or series results, a boat may complete a scoring enquiry form available at the Race Office.
18.6- Each class shall compete in one fleet (men and woman together) and the Men, Women and U19, shall be calculated by extraction on bases of the general classification of that category.
18.7- Nations SAM Trophy:
18.7.1 For each event on each day:
(i) Each National Authority will receive points equal to the total of her race scores on that day. National Authorities not entered in an event will be scored for each race, points equal to one more than the number of National Authorities entered in the event. (ii) National Authorities will then be ranked in order of lowest to highest and the National Authority with the lowest score will receive one point, the second will receive two points and so on. (iii) If an event does not race on a day, all nations will receive, for that event, points one more than the number of National Authorities entered in the regatta. (iv) If National Authorities have equal points, the points for the place for which the National Authorities have tied and for the place(s) immediately below shall be added together and divided equally. 18.6.2 Each National Authority’s day score will be the total of their best four scores from all events. 18.6.3 Each National Authority’s Nations Trophy score will be the total of their day scores. The National Authority with the lowest Nations Trophy score wins and others will be ranked accordingly. 18.6.4 If there is a Nations Trophy score tie between two or more National Authorities, they will be ranked in order of their day scores on the last day. Any remaining ties will be broken by using the tied National Authority’s day scores on the next-to-last day, and so on until all ties are broken.

19. International Jury, Protests, Penalties and Requests for Redress
19.1- An International Jury will be appointed in accordance with rule RRS 91(b).
19.2- Protest forms are available at the jury office. Protests and requests for redress or reopening shall be delivered to the jury office within the appropriate time limit.
19.3- Notices will be posted within 30 minutes of the protest time limit to inform competitors of hearings in which they are parties or named as witnesses. Hearings will be held beginning at the time posted. Hearings may be scheduled to begin up to 30 minutes before the end of protest time Limit.
19.4- Notices of protests by the race committee, equipment committee or protest committee will be posted to inform boats under RRS 61.1(b).
19.5 A list of boats that have been penalized under Appendix P for breaking RRS 42 and under SI 19.7 will be posted.
19.6- Penalties for breaches of the class rules, or rules in the NoR and Sis marked [DP] or [SP] should the case go to a hearing, are at the discretion of the protest committee and may be less than disqualification.
19.7- For breaches of NoR/SI marked [SP], the race committee may apply a standard penalty without a hearing. A list of these breaches and the associated standard penalties will be posted on the Official Notice Board. However, the race committee may protest a boat when they consider the standard penalty to be inappropriate. A boat that has been penalised with a standard penalty can neither be protested for the same incident by another boat nor can another boat request redress for this race committee action. This changes RRS 60.1, 63.1 and Appendix A5. 19.8 On the last scheduled day of racing, a request for redress based on a jury decision shall be delivered no later than 30 minutes after the decision was posted. This changes RRS 62.2. 19.9 If RRS Appendix N1.4(b) applies, the time limit for requesting a hearing under that rule is 30 minutes after the party was informed of the panel’s decision.

20. Official Boats
20.1- Identification:
Official Boat Identification
Race Committee Blue flag with white RC
Jury White Flag with black JURY
Media Yellow Flag with black M
Safety Red flag with white Cross
VIP White flag with black VIP
Measurer White flag with black M
WS Technical Delegate White flag with black TD .

20.2- Actions by official boats, drones or helicopters shall not be grounds for requesting redress by a boat. This changes RRS 60.1(b). 21 Support Boats and Personnel.

21. Prizes
21.1- World Sailing medals will be awarded to the top 3 boats in each event. General, U19 , Men & Women.

22. Doping
22-1- Competitors are reminded of the World Sailing rules and regulations concerning the use of banned methods and substances, which are contained in World Sailing Anti-Doping Code. Drug testing may take place during this event. about accommodation prior to the event please contact: …………………………………….

For additional questions please contact the Event Organizer:
Lucía Bermúdez- luciabf16@gmail.com.
Instituto Náutico- instituto.nautico@ycu.org.uy

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